Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kaffe & Bulla in the Swedish Archipelago

My mom and Stig have a summer house by the sea in Sweden, and it's a really sweet traditional red wooden cottage. Staying there is always a real relaxation. The village is super cute and the neighbours smiley. We travelled there by car from Helsinki through the archipelago on loads of ferries and through many islands.

Food means life

The food is always just so great when I'm staying with mom. We mostly just chill and enjoy life, go to see the picturesque places, cafés and fleamarkets in the nearby villages, and eat fresh, local food. She takes good care of me. :)

Fresh, self-picked blueberries!!!

The best breakfast is the world consists of fresh fruits (eg. apple, banana, pear), some berries (here strawberries, blueberries), granola and soy milk. Sounds a bit too healthy but tastes delicious too! Try it.

The Danish beercan asked me: "At work?" I didn't consider it work, so I kept drinking.

Peali taught me to make my favorite Indian dish, Palak Paneer with spinach and cheese!! Yummm.

Mom mad us a casserole she had invented lately: aubergines, pesto, onion, pasta, goat cheese, tomato sauce... she's amazing!

Can you read the recipe in Swedish? :)

Stig and Janna enjoying by the cosy dinner table on the porch.

The café project

This is where we originally were supposed to open the bun & coffee-shop, which I've been trying out in a way in Berlin. So with great expectations I started baking and brought my buns to the side of the road. The crowd was 'a bit' smaller here though, so the sales weren't that great. Haha, actually our only customer of the first day was a lady who had taken no money with her. That was the case with most people, who were just taking a walk. But, it wasn't bad just sitting in the sun and having an occasional bun ourselves. We also gained a few crowns the next days, mostly from our neighbours Stisse and Bengt. Thanks guys! :)

The Baker.

And the Shopgirl.

Our drive-in-customer Bengt. (We know all the customers by name.)

Stisse, our jolly good neighbour.

It looks like alot in Swedish crowns, but it's mostly our change! Lol

Some landscapes


Mom and Peali in Café Kalaset.

The fleamarket was nearly closed, but we snuk in to have a look.


This is where I spent some of my huge earnings.

Some souvenirs for myself :))) The tray was second hand for 10 crowns (1 €), the shoes to die for, on sale only 17 euros from Halstavik!!! And the Finnish chocolate I just got, cos' it was cheaper here! :0

A little oasis in Stensäter.

Bio-groceries and a very trendy looking shopgirl. Even in the countryside the Swedes are just so pretty. :)


Jenna said...

Tää kommentti-palvelu on ihan hanurista kun tää heittää aina ulos täältä ja huutaa erroria. :(
Mut joo..Piristipä taas päivää. :) Ihanan näköistä teillä siellä mökillä! Niin ja superkaunis leipuri! :D
Mälsää mulle että päätit jäädä sinne. Olisin raahannut sut mielelläni sinne Sonisphereen! :)

avara maiju said...

Oh :( Well it's nice that you still do comment, although it's sometimes hard. I'll be sure to tell our comment service-person to be nicer to you and stop yelling "Error". ;)

Kiitos, et oo ruma siekään! :D

Melissa Lane said...

Quick post... I just returned from Sunne Sweden with my husband and children - my 1st trip to Sweden to visit my husbands relatives and to attend 2 beautiful family weddings. Your photos are wonderful and make me realize how much better ours should have been. They really document the true feeling of each experience and are very inspiring for documenting our next vacation. Well done! Are you a photographer? (I came across your page searching for the recipe for bulla - yum!) Melissa

avara maiju said...

Oh how sweet, Melissa! Thank you so much, but no, I'm not really a photographer, just got a bit carried away with my new camera. :) How cool that you stopped by! I also have a great recipe for bulla, 'cos us Finns, we also love it. I'll try to publish it soon, or email me if you want it! :)

All the best for you, and thanks again sweetie. :)