Sunday, July 19, 2009

Road trip Part 4: Tervakoski here I come

The travelblog continues. Finally we were ready and set to go to Puuhamaa (which I guess translates as 'Activity land' and sounds just as lame in Finnish), which is a small primitive 'amusement' park where you have to do everything by yourself. You know, row, paddle, jump etc. The only things that actually had service or electricity were 3 boats and 3 go-karts, which of course everybody were lining for. Mostly the place was filled with obese kids in bathing suits, cos' there's also a water park. We forgot our bikinis, so we just had to make the best of jumping, rowing and paddling. And drinking.

I'm still a bit shocked of the prices in Finnish grocery stores, so I just bought some fruit and pastries to bring with me. The best part of the trip is eating your lunch though, so I took it out immediately in the train. Soon Piritta stated: "You've already eaten half of your lunch. And we're in Pasila." Pasila is the first station after down town. There was another hour and a half to go.

Jenna the Great sponsored our trip by giving us some Paula-puddings.

Finally the authentic karjalan piirakka - karelian pasty, that no Finn can live without!


You have been warned.

Some Puuha-'juice'.

This thing looked cool!

So of course we had to check it out!

Spinning this machine also worked self-service...

so Piritta was pushing the buttons and of course we were hanging upside down the whole time!

Rock ON! This is the reason you go to Puuhamaa!

And this: Puuha-nalle - 'Activity-teddy'. Laundry of the day: pants from Herrlicher (Berlin), flip flops from Vans, cap Volcom, top H&M with my own print and the belt from Pull 'n Bear (Mexico).

Excitedly towards new goals! This helicopter went like 2 miles/hour and the rotor wasn't even moving.

Garth from Wayne's World was there again, wearing Wayne's cap! How do I pull these faces off?

To the formula-cars! No liscence, no sense, but the right attitude and some activity-juice! ;)

Off to the seas.

Burnin' hot life-vests and icy poses!

These were also worth the 2 hour wait. Great ending to a great day!


Wayne and Garth, ladies and gentlemen! Picture source here.


Jenna said...

Haha! Tulinpa hyvälle tuulelle! Näyttää ihan uskomattoman hupaisalta ja just mahtavan turhalta päivältä. X) After reading this, I can't wait our trip to Vääksy! <3

avara maiju said...

Next time u'll come with! <3 But yeah, Vääksy beats all the odds... hahaaa!

Asko said...

"Activity Land" sounds like some red lights ish to me! However, I find it hard to believe that I actually enjoyed visiting the place as a kid.

Herr Komissar said...

Oh I miss Puuhamaa so much. But Frau Avara, you really need to do something with that musicplayer, it's driving me crazy with the autoplay function. Please.

avara maiju said...

Dear Sirs, Thank you for becoming followers!

Asko: You will enjoy it, or you will cry and enjoy it. (An old Finnish saying.)

Herr Komissar: Danke, für dein erlicher Rapport, ich habe auch daran gedacht. I've just waited for someone to say the word, and I'll move the player to the bottom of the page. :) See, I'm a very likeable lady.