Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sweet and savory

Now I'm gonna feed you with a massive load of pictures, cos' my weekend was just surrounded by such inspiring things! I only had Sunday off, but there were so many thrilling things to see. A session of bakery products, sun, happiness and music in the park. A night out with friends on a floating club. An undescribably cool whimsy of colours and daydreams in an art exhibition. Let the pictures do the talking, cos' I need to get some sleep for another day of work...

1. Partee on water
On Saturday night we wondered to Badeschiff, which is a swimming pool in the river and a hang-out place and beach bar at day time. This time is was also a club by night.

Aurelie, Sam and Ina.

Laundry of the night: Cardigan from Pull & Bear, purse from Tommy Hilfiger, overall from Ato, scarf self-made.

2. Buns and burning sun
On Sunday it was horrible but totally worth it trying to wake up to finish my bakings and bring them to Mauer Park. It was my first time putting the cake-shop in Prenzlauer Berg and also outside of a special event, but that didn't stop the sales in any way! The karaoke-guy, that I've mentioned before, was just putting up his sound system, and hundreds of people flooded into the amfi-theater. Some of them were hungry too. :)

Some resourceful gentlemen harvesting the plum trees.

They even gave me some :) Friggin raw and sour those plums...

At 14.00

Some guy fell asleep behing my sales-stand (after a 2-hour night's sleep and dragging my shop all the way to the park I didn't wanna wake him up).

At about 16 o'clock there were so many people in place, and the dude's still asleep.

A grey panther rocking the song.

Sami came by to have some juice.

Ina and Nicole also came over, and we sat down for some chillin. I got a massive sunburn, turned all red and stripy in the back and now it hurts like hell. :/

3. Das Paradies ist Anderswo.
In the afternoon we went to see Nicole's exhibition. Her piece is about girly day-dreams and made mostly of coloured sugar and origami. It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen, will totally cheer any sad person up and make them trust in life again. It somehow fit my personality so well with all the colours and fluffyness, and hearing the stories from the artist herself was so cool. She's an Australian girl I met 2 weeks ago when she bought cookies from me! Meeting cool people is one of the nicest benefits of having that Sunday-job. :)))

You should totally go check out the art show if you're in Berlin before the 27th of September 2009. It's in the show called "Das Paradies ist Anderswo" in the IFA Gallery, Linienstrasse 140. Ape Approves!

It's even better than googling "rainbow cakes"-pictures (which is an idea I got from Vice-magazine's website) because it's basically like one room-sized cake!

My favorite pic! Which one's your's?

It's just so luvvy!

To see some more of Nicole Andrijevic's work go to 'Pip and Pop'. (It is also in my Turn-ons-link list on the right.)


Jenna said...

Mulle tuli heti sellanen olo että olis tehnyt kuitenki mieli törkkiä tota sokeria jos oisin ollut paikanpäällä...eli ehkä hyvä etten ollut. ;)

Meri said...

Olivian mielestä sokerikukka oli paras. Vietkö meidät tonne elokuussa?

avara maiju said...

Jenna: joku oli jo tökkässy! nicole told me that in one exhibition a guy walked through her piece, and got really upset afterwards and yelled at her.

Meri: Joo vien! Jos maltatte olla menemättä jo ennen :) Jennakin voi sit ehkä tulla mukaan :)))

rene said...

that was such an interestin day and a really amazin piece of art. berlin is just the place to be if u wanna see a little bit of everything...

btw, my favorite pick was the one of the guy sleepin behind food stand ;)

Meri said...

how's your sunburn doing? I got one to day - in Mauerpark!

avara maiju said...

it's actually peeling quite nicely, and i also burned my other shoulder today for a change.