Sunday, January 17, 2010

25 hats

Yesterday was Jenna & Outi's 25th birthday party in bar Siltanen, Helsinki. Everyone was asked to wear a hat and an outfit to complement it. People looked really cool, the night was a lot of fun, even though I didn't win the title of the ugliest hat, goddammit! (The cocky bastard Juhani beat me with a fake-Burberry-train driver style cap - no one can beat that, it's a fuckin' ugly hat.) And even when fate took over and started to mess with my promise, that I'd get you some outfit pictures, and I happened to forget almost all of my shit in Berlin (keys, phone, chargers...) I managed to get my camera charged and the pics turned out mighty fine. Thanks to the stunning folks with a variety of hats.

Look at these gorgeous featherheads!

The hat variety also included...
A Garden Elf!

His bucket

The Cake

Gandalf Copperfield and Alex.

Sherlock and the Cap'n

and Brett Michaels' gf! Maybe my cup size wouldn't get me into the Bus of Love, but I do wanna pretend so.

And the best twist was, that we went to the biggest disco-hell of all time, my worst nightmare, and the devil's mouth: an SK-rastaurant, Royal Onnela. The weirdness of it was absolutely fantastic! (And where else do you go dressed like me?)

Meanwhile people were agreeing very loudly.

And Asko the disapprover of stetsons, and all things that don't share his taste in fine cigars, quality knitwear and noble alcholic beverages, was there. He is a loveable character, who inspite of his cynical manner, always does what I say.

Yo! Meet Kikka, Finland's Samantha Fox, from the 90's soft-porn-pop era. This is what you get in Onnela, which is not at all a bad thing. At least not, by far, the worst thing in there. Wanna kno why?

I absolutely loved the party, well, that's no surprise I guess. Loads of friends, who just never seize to amaze me with how great fun they are; tacky shit; poles to hang from; and Kikka in a wet t-shirt. Thank you 2010, I like you already!


Meri said...

Where was the party? Before you went to Onnela, I mean. Could be somewhere in Friedrichshain...

avara maiju said...

True! I totally forgot to mention (I need to add it to the post): it was in Siltanen, a resonably new place in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. I really liked it. Good to have new places like that in Helsinki, even if we did end up in an SK-restaurant... :)