Monday, January 25, 2010

Bread & Butter, Part 2: Trends, fall/winter 2010-11

Here's the second part of my fashion week report. I really can't say I'd seen anything majorly innovative or new at the fair. All major trends that Bead & Butter had to offer for the next year have been visible already this winter. But that's how it the trend reports always are. (There are always the usual black & white, stripes and checks, short and long, big and small etc.)

General feeling
The overall feeling of more feminine and high class stuff is really nature-oriented, but streetwear is still quite urban with neon colours, and strong contrasts in patterns. Basically like in the beginning of the 90s. I'd say the American vintage style comes out even more, with leather, boots, denim and brown shades. Both rugged cowboys and old gentlemen are definitely there. Remember Northern Exposure, the tv-show with Maggie and Joel, in Alaska? (Villi Pohjola in Finnish.) That's what I'm talkin 'bout.

Here's Kuyichi's stand with a bunch of examples of the trends that I picked out in the fair: vintage naturality, brown and denim, preppy meets casual, thin black & white stripes...
63.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Since these trend reports are always a load of opposites, also strong colours are there, even if it's winter fashion: neon yellow, magenta, purple, acid green, and metallic rainbows.
1n1.jpg picture by avaramaiju1n2.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Preppy schoolkids and old gentlemen meet strong colours and patterns from streetwear.
1n3.jpg picture by avaramaiju1n.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Toned-down, almost pastel shades of basic red, blue, yellow and green.
1p2.jpg picture by avaramaiju1p.jpg picture by avaramaiju1s3.jpg picture by avaramaiju1s4.jpg picture by avaramaiju1s.jpg picture by avaramaiju

More 90's, with college shirts, jumpsuits, and big shades with gold and purple.
1s2.jpg picture by avaramaiju1s5.jpg picture by avaramaiju1s6.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Silhouettes are mostly slim with loads of layers in different lenghths. Cardigans on blazers, short jeans jackets on knitted tuniques. The combinations are extravagant, the women's wear brand Set had even combined leg warmers with sandals on their dummies. Maybe not the most practical combo, but looked friggin fine! Also big silhouettes with volume are there, but in a feminine way in slinky, soft materials that fold beautifully.

Flowers, animals and other natural patterns are still coming strong in the more feminine side of fashion. Multicolored flowers on a dark surface are, in mostly peach and blue shades. By animal patterns i mean more pictures of whole animals instead of animal skin prints, but leopard was also still there to some extent.
33.jpg picture by avaramaiju22.jpg picture by avaramaiju2-3.jpg picture by avaramaiju2e2.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Jeans are mostly slim and feminine either with a loose or a layered long slim top, but you could also see some boyfriend cut there. The patchwork-jeans that so far have been mostly worn in the sub-urbs of the former DDR part of Berlin, are apparently making their way to the high street. I've seen them in the shops already in 2009, but I never saw anyone buy them. Having said this, I must get a pair immediately!
51-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju53-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju43.jpg picture by avaramaiju42.jpg picture by avaramaiju52-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Stripes are mostly thin, black and white, checks are traditional tartans and lumberjacks, and there's plenty of red, black and blue there. Almost every other stand had a red-checkered jacket or shirt on their hangers.
64.jpg picture by avaramaiju
6r2.jpg picture by avaramaiju6r3.jpg picture by avaramaiju6r4.jpg picture by avaramaiju6r.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Fur is
combined with knitwear. Scarves and collars are still huge, and the knit has different kinds of voluminous surfaces with e.g. big loops and braded patterns.
6tn2.jpg picture by avaramaiju6tn3.jpg picture by avaramaiju6tn.jpg picture by avaramaiju

To balance all the colours, of course winter is all about black and white, and different shades of grey combined.
72.jpg picture by avaramaiju7-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju75.jpg picture by avaramaiju73.jpg picture by avaramaiju74.jpg picture by avaramaiju76.jpg picture by avaramaiju

The fair was extremely cool, even if there wasn't anything shockingly new to be seen. For me it was still all good, since I love the 90s, and it was nice to see more colours than usually at winter. Besides, it is comforting to know, as a consumer, that you can get most of this stuff already in H&M and flea markets. Or that you already have it in your closet. ;)


CAMILLE said...

wooow looks like there is some great pieces in there!


Piritta said...

Excellent pics, babe, and an interesting post. Peukku, HEART and all that. Gotta get me a grey denim vest.

rene said...

wow, that fair looks awesome. i'll try to tag along next year to get some new ideas for what i shoul wear. except if the new trend is ED HARDY hahaha

i love the pics