Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our family is getting bigger

We're gonna have hairy tiny babies tomorrow! They're not hairy just because their dad is Mexican, or because I'm just maybe the hairiest woman alive, but because they're guinea pigs! Freaked you out already, didn't I? We decided around Christmas, that we're gonna start a family. Rene wanted to get a dog, but I'm not sure he understands the hassle it'll bring, and to be honest our life is not regular* enough to take care of something so dependent.

We found these two from Julia, who runs a small shelter for creatures who have lost their home. I've been checking into this whole rodent business, and apparently it's a no-no to take animals from a shop (when there are homeless ones available) and you should always have atleast 2
guinea pigs at one home, otherwise they get really lonely. I believe the wise ones, and so we turned to Julia, and these two sweethearts will be moving in with us tomorrow!

guineapigs.jpg picture by avaramaiju
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Girl above, boy below. (That's what she said.)

Name suggestions wanted
We're still not sure about the names... maybe you can help us choose! We've been thinking:
- Moustache Marshal and Regina Phalange (like Marshal's moustache growing look-alike in How I met Your Mother, and Phoebe's alias in Friends)
- Jim and Pam
(like in The Office)
- Jim and Dwight
(like in The Office)
- Asko and Jenna (like the sleek baldy and the blonde hottie you sometimes see in my pictures! This was Asko's request.)
- Asko and Jatta (as above, but Jatta is a brunette and reminds us of the girl guinea pig, cos it runs around like a maniac) :)))) OK, clearly the choice between these two is impossible, but just for laughs I wanted to put them here. :)
- Cabbage and Tumor (they just sound funny)
- Owen and Loretta (old-people-names also sound funny)
- Moto Moto and Gloria (they kinda look like the hippos in Madagascar 2, right?)
- Paco and Pekka (like the Mexican and Finnish "John Smith")

Please vote! We've been back and forth so many times with these, that we decided to take our time and get to know the new-comers. So you can vote 'til Tuesday. They're a dude and a chick, but I'm hoping their identity won't be crushed if we call them something else.

Interior design for Guinea pigs
I've been, of course, totally
rediculously over-the-top psyched about the animals, so I've made them some cool stuff to their new house!!! Take a look at these quilt-sleeping bags! I made them from old padded fabrics mom and I wound stored in her attic...
P1080361.jpg picture by avaramaiju

...with a rustic Lexington-style checkered flanell lining!!! How posh is that! (Actually they were old sleeves I cut off from my flanell shirt in my grunge-era when I was 11. As a practical girl I'd saved them!)
P1080363.jpg picture by avaramaiju

I also built a fancy house from an old christmas present-box!
P1080368.jpg picture by avaramaiju

And a barn from an old Chuck's-box! (You can see a mexican ass on the background.)
P1080369.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1080370.jpg picture by avaramaiju

What do you think? Should I start a career as a tiny construction worker, an interior and textile designer for pets or a rodent stylist?

*)Side note on "regular life": I mentioned our life is not regular enough to take care of a puppy. This whole concept of regularity is not that familiar to me. I recently found out that normal people apparently have regular lunch and dinner times. I'm 27 and I've never really known this. I've always just eaten when I'm hungry. Sometimes we'll seriously have breakfast at 4pm, because we forgot to eat. Or I might cook a meal at midnight, which doesn't have a definition. People ask me like "Have you had dinner?", and I'm like yeah I had "yoghurt around 3, is that dinner?" Maybe I should start learning this before we start getting human babies. Perhaps the guinea pigs will teach me to become a proper mother.

Remember to vote for a name, or send your own suggestion!


Anonymous said...

My vote goes for Asko and Jatta, absolutely, or Moustache Marshal and Regina Phalange are good as well.


Asko said...

Big up for giving the kids not just a home but one hell of a home inside a home: looks like my (possible) namesake is living larger than his big bro. Who woulda thought a shoe box would make that hip a home?! Fuck buying a bigger crib: I'm looking for a giant's shoebox from now on.

D'you guys know guineas were domesticated as early as 7000 years ago? Savage motherf**ks even used to EAT them up there in the mountains with next to no meat available. Perhaps our guy Pizarro gave them "the wrath of God" for that, or "der Zorn Gottes"?

Anyway, I'd suggest you name the lady Jenna-Jatta, just for laughs. Either one you pick, we'll be lucky to finally know a housetrained girl with that name! (:

aliisa said...

looking forward to meeting paco& pekka!

Herr Komissar said...

I vote for Optimus Prime and Predator. Or Poppa and Loora. Or Kalevi Sorsa and Kyllikki Virolainen.

E. Birdie said...

COW AND CHICKEN! That's what I've always wanted to name any two pets I'd take at once :)

Kati said...

I vote for Paco and Pekka :)

juany said...

a nosotros nos gusta Paco y Pekka....y se ve que seran muy buenos papis, porque se preocupan por su cama y su casa....los felicito...y gracias por hacerme abuelita tan joven.....jajajaja....los amo....

Piritta said...

How about Bruce and Lee? Emily and Florence or Lou and Andy from Lil Britain? I like Cow and Chicken as well. Paco and Pekka works as well.

jukka said...

How about Fränti & Vahanen??

Ansu said...

Moustache Marshal and Regina Phalange!!!

Jenna said...

Kaikki on ihan huikeita! But I have to say that Asko just sounds really really good! :DDD So thumbs up for Asko! But the, that's much harder...I like Phoebe tough... :)))
I'm already lovin' the two hairbolls(karvapallot) tough I haven't even met them ever... :p

avara maiju said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your vote! I think Asko made a good compromise, and suggested Jenna-Jatta for the girl. :D

Asko: You know some crazy guinea pig-trivia! The big fella really resembles you, he's also a confident and wise man. I'll make you a shoebox-house any day, my faithful reader and commenter. :)

Aliisa: they're also looking forward to meeting you!! You can probably even fit into the cage with them. :D

Herr Komissar: I love your ideas! Jenna actually reminds me of Kyllikki Virolainen sometimes, so that might work...

E.Birdie: Cow and Chicken!!! We love them! The boy even looks like a cow, and the girl totally sounds like a chicken. :D This is a big new runner up! Choosing sure didn't get easier... ;) Thanks for your comment!

Kati: Thanks :) They seem to be the most popular ones!

Juany: Son muy lindos los dos. la chica es la mexicana, pq habla tanto! pero no parece "Paco".. jajaja! Vamos a ver...

Piritta: I love Bruce and Lee! Or just Bruce even. How 'bout Bruce and Sheila? or Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan? Also they do seem a bit like Lou and Andy, cos the little one keeps using the big one as a shelter, and wines all the time :D

Jukka: LOL I just told Rene who are Fränti & Vahanen! Those tough guys made it through kidnapping in a jungle and the tsunami! Still I don't know if I'd like to be their mom... :)

Ansu: hahaha I also love those. :)

Jenna: Oh you're absolutely gonna eat them up, they're just so great! I just noticed Jennajatta was trying to eat her house (!), so I thought she might wanna chew on something, and I gave her some Finnish crackers (varrasleipä) and she loves it!