Wednesday, December 16, 2009

France Part 2: Gay moments at the countryside

Ok. Now I know what I want from life. To live in the French countryside, in a house like Sam's parents do, eat smelly cheese and sit by the fire place. Because that's what life is like in this beautiful house where we spent the weekend.

Note. You'll see that by 'gay' I really mean both 'queer' and 'happy'.

P1070419.jpg picture by avaramaiju
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This vehicle would bring us back to the airport. Jeoffrey's dad had bought it for him for 200 euros, and it sure had a nice sound and smell of rubber in it, as we took it for some nightly spins. I loved it! (I still don't have a driver's lisence, but I know when I get one, I'll be just like all 18-year old boys who just go cruisin pointlessly into the night.)

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Jeoffrey's birthday party. It somehow reminded me alot of Mexican parties with the latin spirit, loads of food, being in a garage decorated with balloons, people dancing their asses off... me not understanding most of what was going on... :)

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May the gayness begin.

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Laundry of the day:
top - H&M
pants - Herrlicher
shoes - a small Turkish shop on Karl Marx Strasse
hat - Rene found it in Sam's closet, but nobody really knows how it got there. Apparently someone stole it, and almost everyone claimed it to be theirs.

Waking up again to the beauty of the morning in the most idyllic house.

P1070456.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070457.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Some of us chose not to wake up at all.

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Cats are so cute. And unpredictable.

Haha.. in the end, where the picture freezes, if you look closely, you can see the cat's deamon eyes. All cats are evil.

This is how it was supposed to go. No touching. (Rene in the background is bitching about Jeoffrey's non-alchoholic lifestyle.)

I can't begin to imagine how long it had taken Sam's mom to cook for us, since just eating it all took like 2 hours. It was so good! Mom's are the best all over the world!

P1070470.jpg picture by avaramaiju

First some foie gras with mango and green salad with vinaigrette...

P1070471.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070472.jpg picture by avaramaiju

This is what we call "the french country bread" in Finland, and it's true!

P1070473.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Main course was a stuffed turkey with those golden brown small potatoes cooked in the oven. Mmmm...

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After hours of eating, relaxing, and having some tea, we took a little walk at the area.

P1070478.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070480.jpg picture by avaramaiju

And found some neighbours.

P1070487.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070490.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Where does this lead? If I lived here, I wouldn't need any goals. No need to go anywhere. Everything seems just perfect as it is.

P1070500.jpg picture by avaramaiju

More animal-friends... eoooow. The only bad side in France were this monster, and the cold toilet seats. Why is it, that toilet seats are always so warm in Finland?

P1070503.jpg picture by avaramaiju

To top it all off, Sam's mom gave us a huge bag full of different types of cheese to bring home to Berlin! Oh, the bliss! Our flat smelled pretty intense, and Rene had to wash all of his stuff that had been in the bag he'd carried it home with, but man, it was worth it. We invited some friends over for a spontanious cheese-feast...

P1070505.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070508.jpg picture by avaramaiju

OMG OMG OMG how perfect was that! I'm a bit sorry, cos I know I made all of you jealous. I'm actually making myself jealous! I'm jealous at the 3-days-ago-me! I can't thank my roommates and their families and friends enough for taking such good care of us. Hey folks, let's go there again soon, OK?


Jatta said...

Uiiiiii - mä todellakin tulin kateelliseks noita kuvia katsellessa ja juttua lueskellessa - ihanaa, tuskin malta odottaa, et päästäs itsekin Eurooppa-kierrokselle ja nähtäis Ranskan, Italian, Espanjan ja Berliiiiiinin ihanuudet! Pus-mus! -Jatta

TiiaL said...

Olin katsovinani, että toi hehkuttamasi auto ois Renault 5, jos näin oli, niin meillähän oli semmonen auto, se punainen paholainen, muistatko sen? Se oli kyllä loistava auto. :)

rene said...

we should definitely visit again, maybe in summern next time. french people r so nice, Sam is the only exception...

avara maiju said...

Jatta: Tyyppi on ausseissa ja kattelee kateellisena Ranskan harmahtavia maisemia?? Täytyy kyl nyt vähän laittaa näit juttuja perspektiiviin... Siis tuol oli kyllä ihanaa jopa tällee harmailla keleillä, mut ei niitä ihan teiän meininkiin voine verrata. :) Enjoy your asses off, niin kauan ku ootte siellä, ja keskitytään sit keväällä Eurooppaan. Ehkä mä tuun teiän kans Ranskaan ja Italiaan! Voi se ois siistii! :)

TiiaL: Hah! Jess! Tais ne kutsuu sitä tolla nimellä.. Valitettavasti mä en muista ikinä autoista ku värin, mut aika paholainen toi kyl oli! :) Ja nimenomaan Tuomaksen kanssahan me just kruisailtiin ihan päättömästi, ku se oli hommannu kortin :) Good times!

Rene: that was what surprised me too! haha