Monday, December 14, 2009

France Part 1: Berliners in Paris

Paris was better than ever, especially this time 'cos we went with Sam, our roommate, who knows the city like her own pockets. I've been there twice before, and my experiences were pretty horrible. It was like 40 degrees Celsius, water was over priced, we got lost big time, and nobody really felt like helping us. It looks like it's good to know people, because this time it was all bliss!

We only had 1 night in Paris, literally, and I'm not referring to Miss Hilton. But we made the most of it. (That's what Rick Salomon said.) We stayed at Sam's friends cosy Parisian apartment, had some croissants, saw some Eiffel, had the whole Paris experience! We even had a short time to see my cousin's cute little family. We definitely need to go back for more soon, the flights were like 60 € with EasyJet, man, and it was quite painless! On the way back we even bought loads of fresh warm croissants in Orly airport for 1 €/piece, since there's no food on the plane. Good times!

P1070258.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070271.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070288.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070292.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070293.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070302.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070315.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070334.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070331.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070342.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070346.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070352.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070354.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070357.jpg picture by avaramaiju

This one's dedicated to mom. We used to take pics like this under every main street sign (and Gucci store) in every city we would visit. Not that we'd buy anything there.

P1070363.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070367.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070369.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070371.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070377.jpg picture by avaramaiju

It's probably no surprise, but my post mainly revolves around food.

P1070379.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070383.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070387.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070389.jpg picture by avaramaiju


P1070392.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070393.jpg picture by avaramaiju


P1070396.jpg picture by avaramaijuP1070397.jpg picture by avaramaiju


P1070426.jpg picture by avaramaiju

In part 2 I'll show you as our trip follows to the countryside, where things got even more idyllic! Unfortunately we had a really short stay in France for just the weekend, but I hope we can go back soon.


Lasse said...

Paris mon amour... so jealous! Definitely want to go to Paris again and even more so after your pictures and report.

Jatta said...

Never have been in Paris but definitely should go there! My cousin lives near in Paris so it's quite easy to go there! :)

rene said...

the food was awesome and the prices were ok . . .

i couldn't make it to be a nite in Paris, but it was nice the couple of hours i spent there ;)

avara maiju said...

Lasse: Oh, I'm glad you got that feel out of my post. :) I'll go along any time!

Jatta: Yess! i'm in!

rene: hahaha, you got my joke :)