Monday, December 07, 2009

Finland's 92nd birthday in the president's castle

Last Sunday was the 92nd Finnish Independence day. We weren't there to celebrate it, but the patriotic spirit rose within me and my Finnish friends even stronger, and we celebrated long-distance-style. We went to have some champagne in the church. (It was served after a concert of Finnish christmas carrols, where I really had a hard time not singing along all the time in a fit of engagement into the wild show. I really threw myself into that national spirit.)

The ones of us, who actually are in the country, usually celebrate by getting wasted the night before, and the watching the president's reception from her castle on tv. It's a long, boring, queue of pretty, fancy and famous people shaking hands to our beloved redhead. Here she is all dolled up, Tarja Halonen, the cuddliest president ever, who always looks good in blue.

Tarja Halonen (Lehtikuva)

The outfits are the main reason people glare at the tv for hours, and talk about it for the next week. It's 'cos we don't really have the red carpet in Finland, so this is something special. It's a tradition. People actually arrange theme-parties on that, some just sit on the couch sipping mulled wine while watching. I sort of hate the concept of celebrities, so don't really see the point in watching, eccept for the fashion of course. I remember regretting not having seen the show once, though, when somebody just tripped in the middle of everything. A lady just fainted suddenly, the music stopped, the cameras were confused what to shoot, and it was a huge sensation in the tabloids, and I couldn't stop giggling when I heard of it.

My pics of the favorite dresses from media next day, were these. Love the layers and falling, folding fabric:

Riitta-Liisa ja Toni Roponen Maria Guzenina-Richardson.

It was hardly a surprise, that my favorites included PMMP's singers Paula and Mira. They always manage to look stunning in a girly but street cred-way. Both are wearing at least partly finnish design: Paula (left) a dress by designer Tiia Vanhatapio, and Mira red shoes by Minna Parikka.

Kuva: LehtikuvaKuva: Lehtikuva

I can't help agreeing with most of the Finns, these two are the cutest ever: Lehtikuva

Some more pics of cool details: I like the traditionality and use of cultural elements (such as old Finnish lace-patterns and the whole Scottish outfit).

Heli Järvinen, vihreiden kansanedustaja ja Martti Laakkonen.Kuva: LehtikuvaKuva: Lehtikuva
Sirpa Asko-Seljavaara, kokoomuksen kansanedustaja.

OK, I'm totally kidding of the last one! :D But as you may guess, it's also a popular pastime in Finland to gossip about the flops of the party. My choice for the freakiest frock would be this electrifyingly blue feathery penguin. She's like the parody-version of the president with her over done red hair-dye. On the other hand, you know I'm into weird shit when it comes to party outfits, so if I were even to enter the castle, I might get something pretty stunning too... ;)

Happy Birthday, my dearest country! Kippis!*

*) Cheers in Finnish


Jenna said...

Lovin' your post! Top shit! :p <3 I had so much fun with my mum watching the party!

jukka said...

The stunning read head (not the president) is Sirpa Asko-Seljavaara who was the leading doctor of Töölö hospital 16 years ago when i was operated there after one unpleasant traffic accident. Yes, she had that bright red hair already.. Now she is a member of parliament.

avara maiju said...

Jenna: thanks so much, angel! :) I bet you Vaartimo ladies had your witty mouths and impeccable taste in full use!

Jukka: I thought she was a plastic surgeon? Did you get butt-implants after your accident? Well, I love those multi-talents, like our own singing parliamentarist Mikko Alatalo. His glasses woulda matched Sirpa-Asko! :)))) Btw, why is our Asko just Asko, and not Sirpa-Asko?

j said...

When they attach a cut off leg it's plastic surgery. She gave some botox as well..