Monday, November 09, 2009

Organic moments in down-town Helsinki

On my short trip to Helsinki I noticed a cute old-style organic food store in Lasipalatsi. I went to get dad some treats for father's day. Even the personnel was adorable and told me about their suppliers. There's a lady who sends them freshly baked Karelian pasties from eastern Finland every morning by bus. Isn't that the best story ever? I wanna be that lady!

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On Saturday morning I had a surprise visit from sweetie darlings Tiia and Tuomas from Lahti. We went to get some vintage-clothes from UFF that has 1 euro-days twice a year. Of course all they had left was XXL-leather coats and commercial t-shirts from Finnish telephone companies, but we made some funny bargains. The I took them for toasts and coffee in Corona bar, one of my favorites in Helsinki. They totally fell in love with the toasts and Johnny Cash playing in the background.

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Tiia found this AWESOME shirt for 1 euro in UFF. So jealous:

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This time I remebered to go buy some Finnish food that I know I always miss when I'm living abroad. And I got a LITTLE carried away. I brought Rene, my sis, some friends and myself shit-loads of chocolates, liquorice, rye bread,
pea soup and christmas things, like ginger bread cookie dough, cookies, plum jam and 'glögi' (a hot juice you can mix with red wine/spirits).

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I also bought my first audio-book ever, of a book from Jouni Hynynen, a Finnish rocker, read by himself on his soothing voice:

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I've had a craving for Weetabix for like 2 years already, but I've forgotten to get them.

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Dad gave me some self picked mushrooms from our summer house.

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L. said...

You can get Weetabix in Berlin. Kaisers or Metro will have it. Or this shop for sure: Just so you know...

TiiaL said...

Aah, ne ihanat toastit!! Se oli NIIIN hyvää!! Mennään Coronaan toistekin, eiks je? :) Mä voin laittaa sitten ton Gettin lucky in Kentucky -paidan päälle ;) Ehkä se perustyly-mutta-jotenkin-niin-hassu-baarimikkokin hymyilis vähän enemmän..
Hyviä kuvia taas, mussu!

Meri said...

tahtoo sen sienirisoton reseptin... mullakin on noita purkillinen hyllyllä, mutten tiedä mitä niille tekisin!
Ja kiitos piparitaikinasta - paistettu on!

avara maiju said...

L.: Cool! Thanks for the tip. I just tried them and they tasted exactly like 20 years ago but looked alot smaller.

Tiia: Se baarimige oli kyl jotenki symppis kaikesta kovanaamaisuudestaan huolimatta. :) Kiitos, kiva kun tykkäät kuvista!

Meri: mä teen risoton aina puuroriisistä, valkoviinstä ja kasvisliemestä sillee hitaasti imeytellen kevyellä lämmöllä. Jamie Oliver-style. Ja paljon parmesania! Mut voin antaa kunnon reseptin kyl kans. :) ps. mä vetelen piparitaikinaa raakana. :D