Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For a fashion designer I own rather few clothes

...and they're not all pretty. I also don't always accessorize madly or even know what's the hottest hot of the moment. I recently went to Mexico and was totally clueless of fashion as I know it for 3 months. I had to go to Finland (!) to find out that strappy leather bags were apparently the thing right now.

In Mexico it was all about looking like a lady: shine, sass and matching accessories.

Actually today, on my first day as a conventionally unemployed person, I didn't even get dressed. I reasonally quit my job as a consultant's assistant and decided to see what else I could do. (Yes - I have heard of the recession aswell.) So I wore my baggy 90's velour-pants and my boyfriends blue satin-robe (that he bought from a middle-aged lady in Mauer Park and thought it looked like something Hugh Hefner would wear drinking a glass of Scoth). I was obsessed on getting all my ideas on paper, of all the things I could be working on in the future... and getting settled into a new chapter in my life in Berlin. There was no time for fashion.

Back in Europe it's all about looking like a guy wearing a women's jersey-night gown. I like!

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