Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dressed for the occasion

Most people like to dress collectively. And that's what fashion is all about, right - feeling like you belong to which ever social group you wish to represent. I'm also like that. When I go to my childhood home I like to wear the ugliest outfit I can find from 2002, because that's how they dress in Vääksy, Finland, and i love it. I like to imagine that they still know me there when I walk into the local market, instead of looking at some snobby city-kid coming in to spend the summer by the lake.

Most fashion designers hate dressing collectively. Although they want all
of their customers to dress alike, they do not want to blend in themselves. In my class in the Design school I was the only one who suggested getting one of those tacky student-overalls with badges so we could feel like real students and crawl on the streets in the 1st of May. But no, no collectivity there - since I was the only one.

Here are some clips from the years back of getting dressed for the occasion (above: pirate party in Helmi, Helsinki):

Provinssi Rock-summer festival - sometimes it gets quite cold but you don't wanna hide your NKOTB-shirt.

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