Sunday, January 31, 2010

My head is saved! (not shaved)

So last night I took the chance of re-dying my failed hair, and luckily it's now better! Yess! In your face, doubtful me! It IS though, almost black. But I love almost black. "Almost black" was the newest trend colour in the Intercolor trend guide for autumn/winter 09-10 I think... I still remember it, 'cos I love the names they invent for colours (like "sunset" or "teardrop"). That's why everybody hates me in wordgames 'cos I remember this kinda useless crap.

This is me slightly bloated in my "I just came home from dancing all night in Villa"-look:

1-5.jpg picture by avaramaiju

It's also Doppelgänger-week in Facebook, where people are asked to change their profile picture to someone famous they've been told to look like. I just love seeing my friends as Lady Gaga, Che Guevara, Vicky Pollard, and my favorite, the lion from the Wizard of Oz! Lol. With all this I was inspired to gather some old photos from the years back, and show you who people have told me I looked like back then.

It all started when I was working in the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany. Mostly Americans (altogether I counted like 19 people) kept telling me I looked like "that Scandinavian quirky singer, is she also from Finland?" It was the black and multicoloured hair and the eyes they said.

2-4.jpg picture by avaramaiju23.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Mira Luoti
The Finns mostly (since they knew all Nordic people look more or less like Björk) thought I resemble Mira Luoti, the singer from Finnish duet PMMP. My moves aren't maybe as graceful as hers on the mic, but I just had to put that pic in there.

32.jpg picture by avaramaiju35.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Kirsten Dunst
Another frequently mentioned name is "Spiderman's girlfriend" or "M.J" especially in Mexico, where the previous names are unknown (and so seems to be the name Kirsten Dunst). Of this I'm extremely flattered, even though I know it's mostly the drunken shots of her wobbling to rehab that I resemble.

4-2.jpg picture by avaramaiju
41-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Kellie Martin
When I was a kid I was told I looked like Becca on Life goes on. I hated that. But you gotta admit the likeness! Mother of God, I hated those specs. Now I think they look awesome!

5-3.jpg picture by avaramaiju52-2.jpg picture by avaramaiju
Me and my bessie Emilia on 1st grade! LOL

Clare Danes
In secondary school I was told I look like Clare Danes. I was really cynical and bad with all kinds of self-critisism back then, so I hated that too. Hah. Allthough it was probably sincerely a compliment! But I hated being the geeky kid in all the tv-shows. I mean I was a total geek, but I didn't wanna admit it. I don't have a picture of that time that I would like to publish (too much teenage angst still there), but I do admit the resemblence, especially whenever I've had brunette and reddish hair.

6-3.jpg picture by avaramaiju
62-1.jpg picture by avaramaiju

Aileen Wuornos
This is how I see myself in the mirror some mornings.
So far nobody's dared to agree... how bout you? Atleast I feel like a lesbian serial killer in her mugshot, when instead of washing my hair I've had chips & beer for dinner (and maybe rubbed some of them in my hair aswell). And don't get me wrong, I don't wanna label her as anything. There's something very true about this woman. I mean what else do you expect to come out of a girl treated like her all her life? (Although the same effect comes to me with salty snacks and bubbly beverages.)

7-2.jpg picture by avaramaijuAlign Center

Picture sources:
Björk 1 and 2
Mira Luoti 1 pressphoto by Aleksi Kinnunen and
Kirsten Dunst 1 and 2
Kellie Martin
Clare Danes
Aileen Wuornos


juany said...

wow!!!!!!!!!maaria te ves la ventaja de ser bonita.....

Outi said...

Sun uuden hiusvärin myötä mun on kyllä pakko yhtyy niihin amerikkalaisiin ja todeta, että sä todellakin näytät Björkiltä! ;)

Piritta said...

Ihana kaverikuva <3

BURKEY101 said...

it looks great

Jenna said...

Ihana tukka! <3 :D Ja ihan huikee blogiteksti!

Meri said...

hiano! En kyl huomannu sussa mitään vikaa perjantainakaan...

avara maiju said...

Juany: ajaj gracías ;)

Outi: hih, jep! ja mun pitää paljastaa, että sä olit yks myötävaikuttajista tähän värjäyspäätökseen ku kehuit sitä mun vanhaa mustatukkakuvaa... :)

Piritta: eikö? :D

Burkey101: thank you very much! :)

Jenna: ou kiitos raksunen! kiva että jaksat lueskella!!! pusu

Meri: kiitti muru!